Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Growing Family

We had so much fun when Dad and Dawn and all the kids came up! It was a blast playing in the snow, playing Rock Band, talking, and just having fun when they came over for those couple day's, and thank you again for the food storage $$$ we are now growing our food storage every time I go grocery shopping.

I can not believe how much are family is growing....I'm starting to think we should go on a vacation just our little family, so my goal this summer is to save up enough money for a little trip, maybe California somewhere not too far away. My other goal is to save up for couches for our Front room, right now we have two candle holders, and two dining room chairs from the new dining room table that we just bought. Brad wanted six chairs its actually a really nice table, what we did was we picked out a table online a good and sturdy one something that will last a long long time for our family especially if I have boy's :)

Brad is doing good, right now he is car pooling to work with one of his buddies. He likes his coworkers and his job.....and when they get bored at work they just go out to eat and go bowling lol. He is still trying to get his Masters degree and will be getting it in a couple more semesters (YA!!)

Elliot....oh boy oh boy.....that kid is wild but he is sooo stinkin smart He can now count to 20 all by himself and loves to sing the abc's, he likes dancing, playing with aiden (throwing toys at his head considers playing with aiden) he also knows how to read a couple words. Did I mention he is potty trained?? I LOVE IT!!

Aiden is getting so I actually told Brad "maybe we should start buying him #4 diapers!!" cause #3's are a little small :( he is also crawling EVERWHERE, and he LOVES LOVES to be cuddled with, he's my little cuddler, his favorite thing to eat right now are ghram crackers :)

I am doing great, my Mary Kay business is growing really fast I was able to buy our Fridge and our new Table with my Mary Kay Money is what I like to call it :) I love getting know people and it gives me an opportunity to meet new people. I'm still working at Golds Gym cause I just love not having to pay $$$ for a gym membership :) also I am now down 10 lbs since I've used the bodybugg I bought in January, for those who don't know what the bodybugg.....its an arm band I wear all day everyday that counts all my calories threw out the day and I have a little watch that tells me how much I've burned. It tells me what I should burn and how much I should consume in order to hit my goal, so I have to burn 2500 callories and only consume 1500 per far so good :)

We are also excited for mom moving in with us this month, its going to be so nice having Aiden and Elliot knowing there Grandma Sellers.


Our Family said...

Hey Rabecca! That's so nice that your family is doing good. I can't believe how big your kids are too! I love your house. It's so nice. Good job on losing weight-you look great! Me and the kids are going to fly to Jess' this weekend-yahoo! I can't wait!!

Lil said...

Good to know about that Body Bug. Hey I think My Family has the same goals as your Family. A New Couch and a Vacation. I will be luck to afford one of those. You do look great the same as I remember.