Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy, busy, and more busy

This month so far has been so busy.....and it's still not over!! We have been packing up like mad and doing everything we need to do before we move into the house we are buying, not to mention going to Vegas for Tracey's wedding and my Mary Kay business. But first lets talk about the HOUSE!

It is awesome, and a lot bigger then the one we were going to buy in Riverdale when you first walk in there is a formal living room to the right, the kitchen and dinning room is straight ahead once you walk inside, and is a pretty nice size too, you walk down like three steps and your in the family room. The back yard is nice and big (we need it for the boys, all three of them) the basement has an awesome play room that they decorated all cute and stuff, its actually pretty big too like they converted two bedrooms into one big one we can even put both computers in and still have plenty of space. There is also a half bath down stairs to use. Upstairs are the 3 bedrooms, and two baths....we will tak pix of it after we finish painting and moving in! We are soo excited.

Ok Now onto Mary Kay...I know what you are all thinking....not really...but I do know this that I really enjoy it and am planning on being in the "Mary Kay" business for a long...long...long time :P

We are very excited to see Tracey getting married in vegas and with us being so busy with packing and having to move out before we leave to Vegas, it has just been a busy month. OH! And we will be homeless for that week when we are in Vegas so it works out PERFECT! When we drive back home we'll be in our new house! YA!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yes, we all know what month it is.....and its mine and Rachael's birthday!! Don't forget to get us something nice on the 18th of this month :)


OK, so Thursday the day before Halloween, both Aiden and Elliot got sick Brad and I were so sad because we had planned about 3 weeks ago what we wanted to do for Halloween with the kids. We were going to the do corn maze, decorate a pumpkin, go trick or treating, then go to the halloween party for the ward. A full fun day for the whole family, Luckily their fevers broke during the night and both were feeling better by the next morning. We did pretty much everything on the list except the corn maze.

I bought the pumpkins Friday afternoon and pretty much started carving as soon as I got home, Elliot was soo excited because the week before all he kept saying was "Halloween pumpkin, Halloween pumpkin" it was so cute. When brad carved the top to clean out all the seeds Elliot had one grab of it and said "Ewwwwee.....Yuuukkke" and that was pretty much it, he didn't touch it again. Brad had to finish cleaning it out. While Brad was carving it Elliot played with the top of the pumpkin until Brad was done.

After we finished the pumpkin we got us and the kids ready for trick or treating, Brad and I just bought some wigs at target, we bought Elliot an "incredibles" costume and Aiden a "puppy" outfit, they both just looked so darn cute!

We wen't trick or treating in the area we want to buy in and only wen't for like an hour (normal with a two year old)

After trick or treating we went to our wards Halloween party and the "Reeses" house and Elliot got more candy!! YA!! Here are some pix

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whats going down with the Crooks

Ok so things are looking slow here in Utah, I'm actually getting a little nervous, last night I told Brad "I feel like something bad is going to happen" The house we want is under contract but the bad news is that we have to sell our condo first, we get a lot of viewing and open houses but no offers yet which kinda makes me a little depressed cause.....I like my condo how come know one else does?? SNIFF SNIFF. So like I said things here are looking slow.