Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Time

I'm going to call this "Rabecca's Thought"

So summers is always crazy no matter how much time we have, I mean three months is a long time to get a lot done right? Ya well you would think anyway lol :P There are always family reunions, vacations, work, remember just cause the kids are home doesn't mean we can just sit at home as well.....some kid ask me what I was doing and I told him "I'm working" and he said "but it's summer!" I just laughed so hard when I heard him say that....sigh the good ol days right?

Anyway I'm getting off track where was I oh yes work lol, then there is work around the house ok lets face it we always wait to do the big house work during the summer why? Probably cause we think "OH we'll have time during the summer to do that....then here comes October and the job we wanted to do is still not even done!" Then we have swiming lessons, and camping, or getting the lawn done, gardening, well the list can go on and on as you can see. I remember being 16 years old and didn't have to worry about any of this crap lets face it the only thing we had to worry about at that age was what?? Wether or not wich CD you wanted to bring on that boring camping trip or family reunion? Or how many towesl should I bring to the pool? Kids dont know how good they have it....makes me look up to my mom now that I do have kids, a house, car, job, etc.

being a parent is a full time job its self, we went to the manti pagent with sherry and Johnnys family (NOTE to Self: never go AGAIN) and go figure I forgot to pack the kids jackets...UGH! I brought the sunscreen, water, and there pj's but...oh no...FORGOT the jackets! Remembering everything for each kid and the packing!! Lets just not go there ROFL :)

Well needless to say I have a good life :P even though it doesn't sound all that amazing, I can say this, my life is never boring....I can't remember where there was a time in any day that I sat down on that couch and thought "I'm bored" reminds me when I was talking to a friend and she was complaining because she was so bored and she didn't know what to do, I laughed and askher if she wanted to take over my life for a couple days and let me be bored! But you know what? After I had said that....I thought again about what she said and how my crazy life is and thought a new thought....and that thought was "I rather be busy in my crazy life, then to sit around and complain about how bored I was." Lets face it busy women get things done (accept forgeting about the kids jackets!!) :P